Mississippi has modernized itself quite a bit lately. No longer are African-Americans required by law to wear chains, nor are women required to remain indoors. But Terry Gross's NPR show? Smut like that is still not allowed.

Mississippi Public Broadcasting has reportedly dropped Terry Gross's show, Fresh Air:

An email dated July 12 2010 from Kevin Farrell, director of MPB radio, states "MPB no longer airs this program [Fresh Air] due to recurring inappropriate content."

What exactly that "inappropriate content" is is not stated—we've emailed MPB's press person, and we'll let you know what we hear. The show had been dropped before, but was brought back last December; now it's gone again. We're not saying that it was definitely the show's story last week on a well known lesbian propaganda film, but it's a theory.

UPDATE: A former MPB employee tells me, "Fresh Air was cut last fall due to budget cuts (that also cut my job). listener complaints brought back the show. then it disappeared again monday."

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