Wake up, slumbering moviegoers! As you chew your buttery popcorn and enjoy Hollywood's latest "entertainment," The Kids Are All Right, your innocent children are being mentally imprisoned by gays. Sniffing coke and having gay sex, for kids? Andrea Peyser reports!

New York Post sexual perversity correspondent Andrea Peyser has already proven that she is unafraid to venture into the world of lesbians, for journalism. But going to see this new movie, The Kids Are All Right, stretched her to her very breaking point. Two lesbian moms—with kids in the house? Andrea's hot housewife friends urge you not to be seduced, as it were!

"Hollywood has set the stage for the gay agenda, nothing new," said Laura Bailey, Brooklyn mom of two boys. "Why do you think they did propaganda films in the 1940s? They're setting the new norm."

"The movie industry is doing its best to undermine the American family," said Patricia Whitehead, Connecticut mom of two girls. "Hollywood — we don't care about the sick lives you lead behind closed doors. Just don't bring children into it."

Andrea and her lonely MALF (Moms Andrea Likes to Fraternize with) friends often sit around all alone at home, discussing Hot Sexxxy Lesbian Teachers, and how they disapprove of them. And sometimes dropping in on lesbian bars and disapproving of them, and then watching lesbian movies, disapprovingly. Kick that heterosexual movie review line, Andrea Peyser! "Oddly, straight sex brings the only hot and natural relief to this movie's stifling awkwardness."

Andrea Peyser is doing great work lately.

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