Around the time he proposed to Bristol, Levi Johnston threatened to ostracize sister Mercede if she didn't take down her blog. Turns out Mercede's blog is controlled by a pair of liberal bloggers Sarah Palin considers her worst enemies.

In this episode of The Wasilla Hillbillies, members of the Johnston clan draw the Palins into a dance of death with their worst enemy: liberal media.

We've noted before that Mercede is close with Dennis Zaki, who was one of four bloggers Sarah Palin banned from her book tour last year. It turns out Zaki actually owns, according to domain registration records. Zaki explains why in an email:

I'm friends with Mercede and her mom. I have a virtual server on GoDaddy with lots of extra space and I give free hosting to all of my friends that have websites. I'm a website designer so I built the site and set up the domain. It's a lot easier to set up sites if it's all under my name and not dealing with domain transfers. Like all of my other friends, they are not techies so I deal with any problems and database info. She writes everything herself despite what the teabaggers believe. I have nothing to do with the editorial content at all...

I've made a few videos like this that have made the rounds, maybe this is what annoys the Palinbots.

Zaki isn't the only ardent Palin critic allied with the Johnstons. Under "Blogs I Like," lists precisely one site: The Immoral Minority, the blog of Zaki friend Jesse Griffin, who was also on Palin's banned blogger list. Turns out Griffin (who blogs under the name Gryphen and was photographed at Mercede's graduation) is the reason Mercede launched her blog in the first place, according to Griffin:

When Mercede did that guest post on the Immoral Minority she really enjoyed it and wanted to do more.

I explained to her that doing posts on MY blog opened her up to attacks that would smear her simply for her association with me as I am often labeled a "trig truther" or "Palin-hater". So I told her that if she wanted to tell her story it would be a better idea if she did so on her very own blog.

She was hesitant because she thought it would be really hard. So I explained that it was so simple even a caveman could do it, like me!

Anyhow long story short, she picked her background, received some help from Dennis Zaki, who designs websites, and started posting. What is written on her blog is ALL her. She asks for help with editing sometimes, but the words, and the truth she speaks, are pure Mercede Johnston.

As expected when Sadie's blog received national attention the attacks from the Palin camp came fast and furious. After all, the truth is to the Palins what sunlight is to vampires. It reduces them to nothing.

The Johnstons' ties to anti-Palin bloggers (or as Griffin prefers, people "critical of Palin") has not escaped hyper-defensive diva Sarah Palin's notice. Quoth Griffin:

As I anticipated [the Palins] could not figure out how to go after Mercede effectively because she is just a young woman, so they are attempting to beat her up by using me. The "spokesperson" for the Palin camp (Hi Van Flein) has attempted to make the case that I put her up to this and therefore everything she says must be suspect.

Sarah Palin's worst nightmare has come true: Her daughter is marrying into a family of liberal media sympathists, hopelessly entangling the Palins with the leftist bloggers, rumormongers, and small-time critics that drive her to paranoid frenzies on a daily basis. Asked about Levi and Bristol's engagement, Sarah said she is "praying" for them, and alluded to "struggling" with forgiveness.

Just as Superman's greatest weaknesses was the the stuff of his home planet—kryptonite—Palin's great weakness is homegrown. The indefatigable, Bristol-beloved Johnstons are Palin's kryptonite. And now, they are her kin.


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