Snippets of the guest list to 2010's biggest Democratic fundraiser, "Chelsea Clinton's wedding," have been released, and it looks like DNC operatives were able to squeeze in Barack Obama. And Oprah! Who else snagged an invite to this hoity-toity shakedown?

Radar has obtained a smattering of the 500-person guest list to this alleged wedding, set to take place at the Fundraiser Building in Fundraisertown.

President Obama is expected to land at Stewart Airport in Newburgh, New York and take Marine One across the Hudson to Rhinebeck.

The Clinton family has frequently visited Rhinebeck for vacations and political fundraising. The historical town is a favored weekend retreat for many wealthy New Yorkers.

Among those who will watch Chelsea walk down the aisle are singer Barbra Streisand, Kate Capshaw and Steven Speilberg, former Clinton advisor Harold Ickes, Clinton money man Terry McAuliffe, former British Prime Minister John Major, historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, media moguls Ted Turner and long-time Clinton friend Denise Rich.

Denise Rich! You remember her, right? She's the lady who gave the Clintons and the Democratic party a bunch of money in the '90s to buy a last-minute pardon for her ex-husband, international felon Marc Rich. Well, time to fork it over again.

Will Bill Clinton literally stand at the door of the church to collect checks before letting people in?

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