Tonight, an entire era of pointless, vapid reality television ended when The Hills signed off for forever. After four years of drinking, fighting, crying, breaking up and making frienemies, the girls examined their futures and it all ended for reals.

This is it, everyone. This is probably the only scene of this entire series that the producers of this show let go relatively unscripted. For the first time since their late teens, these girls are contemplating living in L.A. without cameras following their repetitive debauchery and, as they enter the scariest phase of life (known as "your mid-twenties") begin to start spending their ridiculous per-episode salaries and make some serious changes.

The name of the game is change: Audrina wants to leave Hollywood, so she moves... A few miles down the road to the beach. Kristin wants to go to Europe to escape Bromance. After a tearful goodbye and an emo version of the the show's theme song, Kristin gets into a towncar to head to the airport as a wistful Brody watches her pull away...

Only to have the eponymous Hollywood hills behind him be rolled away as backdrop, revealing a full blown studio set. Kristin gets out of a car and hugs Brody while the cast and crew slap hands. The lives that everyone has obsessed over for years are exposed as the scripted fallacy we've always joked about. As the camera zooms out into the South California nothingness, nothing has changed, and neither audience nor cast is for the better.

And now you never, ever have to watch another episode of The Hills ever again.