Rule No. 37 of comparing Obama to Hitler: It's hard to walk back a billboard. The North Iowa Tea Party has put up a billboard in Mason City, Iowa, comparing Hitler, Lenin and President Obama, reports the Associated Press.

The bottom of the sign reads: "RADICAL LEADERS PREY ON THE FEARFUL & NAIVE," while the words "National Socialism" appear above Hitler, "Marxist Socialism" above Lenin and "Democrat Socialism" above Obama. The word "change" is stamped on each picture.

A spokesperson for the Tea Party Patriots told the AP the sign isn't appropriate. Meanwhile, North Iowa Tea Party co-founder Bob Johnson says the sign's pictures may be getting in the way of its intended message — presumably a level-headed and civil comparison of Obama to Hitler and Lenin.

Last month, the North Iowa Tea Party put up a billboard that blared: "WAKE UP AMERICA! Congress is the problem!!! WE ARE COMING FOR YOU. VOTE OUT INCUMBENTS." One can only imagine what they'll put up next month.

[Republished from Authored by Eric Lach. Photo via]