Anna Chapman, the recently-deported Russian spy who's clearly the important of the bunch because she's the hottest, is thinking about selling her story to a British tabloid. The only potential problem: doing so would violate her plea bargain agreement.

Eleven alleged spies were deported last week to Mother Russia. (A 12th spy who no one knew anything about is still in U.S. custody.) But it's Chapman with the sexy story to sell and according to Newsweek, she's considering taking a hefty sum to tell her tale to a British tabloid, even though part of the plea agreement that the 11 spies signed is that they'll have to turn over any cash they get for their stories to the U.S. government. The problem is, now that they're out of the country and back in Russia, the U.S. government have a hard time enforcing that clause of the agreement. Man, pretty girls always get whatever they want, don't they?