Most Americans want Glenn Beck to be our next president and return us to prosperity. The only hiccup? Getting him to run! Fortunately, the clown lady in this video is circulating a petition to change all that.

Her name is Robin Potwora, and the website for her "grassroots organization," Main Street Bites Back, features a number of terrifying robot-voiced videos of illustrated political figures, including the hated Barack Obama.

Why is she so excited about Glenn Beck being president in three years? Because he is "our generation's George Washington":

Glenn Beck doesn't want to be president! Neither did George Washington and look how that turned out!

When will Glenn Beck receive our invitation to be a presidential candidate? A formal invitation will be presented to him in 1/2011.

What if Glenn Beck declines our invitation to be a presidential candidate in 2012? Consequently the petition will serve as a thank you to him for all he has done for us.

Will Glenn Beck know that I signed the petition? Yes, the name of every person who signs the petition will appear either on the invitation or in the video.

How can I help? Send people to our website to sign the petition, collect signatures and send them to us through email or call them into us by phone. Send us 50 signatures and we'll mail you an exclusive 'Back Beck 2012' T-shirt!

All well and good, but waiting until January to present him with the "invitation" to run for president? Amateurs. He needs to be setting up a ground game in Iowa by about, hmm, ten minutes ago.

[via Videogum]