In your profane Tuesday media column: the FCC's indecency policy is struck down, John King is an unpopular host, Playboy's future is cloudy, and Campbell Brown has a mere two weeks left on CNN—though she has our hearts forever.

  • A US appeals court just ruled that the FCC's indecency policy is a violation of the First Amendment, because it was vague, arbitrary, and created a chilling effect. Now it goes to the Supreme Court. But until then, no indecency policy! Fuck you, America!
  • Page Six says that CNN's John King job is in danger, because ever since he replaced Lou Dobbs, nobody is watching. Which just proves once again that in television, it's better to be crazy than boring.
  • Hugh Hefner's bid to take Playboy private is expected to draw competing outside bids, and investment bankers are saying it's a bad offer, so the whole company's future is murky. Hey: just let the old dude have his company. He won't be around forever.
  • Set your electrically powered DVR machines, America: Campbell Brown's last day at CNN is July 21. It would be cool if on her last day she was like "Hey Rick Sanchez, my colleague, I have some news for you on the Twitter," and Rick Sanchez was like "Hey, Campbell Brown, we all love you so much and whatnot, so sad to see you go, of course I'm happy to hear whatever news you have for my Twitter show," and then they put the camera on Campbell Brown's Twitter, and it said "Fuck Rick Sanchez." Campbell Brown, email me to discuss this further.

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