The FDA just found that a daily pill to fight obesity really works. Before you jump with joy (if you can even get off the ground, fatty), note that you can't buy it because the FDA's worried you'll go crazy.

Vivus Inc., which makes the new drug Qnexa (seriously, the only things that have worse names than reality television show contestants are new pharmaceuticals) announced the Food and Drug Administration found its formula was effective for weight loss with diet and exercise.

But, then again, so was Fen-Phen, and remember how that turned out. The FDA is worried about the effects on pregnant women and that the pill might cause depression, attention span disorders, memory loss problems, and increased heart rate. (Just remember a good mood, paying attention, remembering shit, and not having your heart beat out of your chest is nothing compared to how good it feels to be thin!) The FDA is going to meet with some outside experts over the coming weeks and will deliver an official ruling on the drug later this year, possibly in late October. So, obese people, why don't you start on that diet and exercise now? Chances are you'll be so thin by the time winter rolls around, you won't even need the silly drug.

[Image via NCN18/Shutterstock]