This is Iker Casillas, the goalkeeper—and captain—for Spain's winning World Cup team. That's Sara Carbonero, his girlfriend, a reporter for Spanish network Telecinco. Think he can keep it professional in a post-victory interview?

So, I'm not a great Spanish speaker, but it sounds like she asks him how he's feeling, and he tells her he's happy, and then proceeds to thank his family, and then cry a little bit, and then, BAM, right on the kisser. Awww.

Casillas and Carbonero's relationship was the subject of a small amount of controversy at the beginning of the World Cup. (Apparently some people thought she was hurting the team's chances—what, did you think it was about her conflict of interest? LOL.) But it has long been a law of nature that if two people want to make out, basically nothing can prevent them from making out—not rules of decorum, not professionalism, not exhaustion, not the fact that Iker Casillas probably has to go meet the King and Queen of Spain and then just, you know, stare at that FIFA trophy for hours. Plus, who cares about controversy when good-looking people are kissing each other??