Healthy eater Rush Limbaugh yesterday attacked the "leftist kooks" at the Center for Science in the Public Interest for their intent to sue McDonald's over its Happy Meal toy promotions, and said they "want to ban Chinese food."

Rush clearly remembers the good old days when companies were free to market anything they wanted to kids. And he is utterly appalled that these "statists" at the CSPI want to ban Chinese food (even though the organization calls Chinese food "healthy"). Rush is worried that if these wackos have their way, we'll all be eating "nothing but tofu and cardboard" like a bunch of damn pinko commies. From Friday's broadcast of The Rush Limbaugh Show:

LIMBAUGH: You know, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, this wacko bunch of leftist kooks, statists, nannies — these are the people who banned coconut oil from your popcorn in movie theaters, have gotten rid of MSG, the flavoring in Chinese food. They wanted to ban Chinese food. These people want to get in your life and tell you what to eat. If you look at these people, you'd say, well, they're barely alive. They're skeletal; they're miserable; they are unhappy; and they want to spread that misery to everybody else by having you eat basically nothing but tofu and cardboard, run around and eat miniature rocks and berries as you traverse the deserts of the world.


I remember back in the days of the global warming craze when the wackos were suggesting don't eat McDonald's, don't eat beef because it leads to cow methane, causing global warming." Limbaugh continued: "Remember, I sent one of the Snerdleys over to McDonald's in Times Square and picked up 240 Quarter Pounders with Cheese and Big Macs and brought them back to the studio and had the whole transaction take place on the phone on the air — just to stand up and support McDonald's."

Thanks for the insight, Rush. It's good of you to show your support for underdogs like McDonald's, because we all know that they need it. It's time for a Real Food Revolution—Big Macs for everyone!

[Media Matters; Image via AP]