Mel Gibson gets dropped by his talent agency. Ryan Seacrest picks up the tab. Lindsay Lohan won't be able to smoke in prison. James Franco dishes on fake sex with Julia Roberts. Saturday's gossip roundup looks like a Vegas Whore.

  • Mel Gibson has been dropped by his talent agency, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment. This is due to three things: 1) Gibson's longtime agent there, Ed Limato, died July 3; 2) The co-owner of WME, Ari Emanuel (Rahm's brother) has hated Gibson's guts since his anti-Semitic rant in 2006; and 3) There was that tape that just came out? You know the one that where Gibson tells his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva that she looks like a "bitch in heat" and the whole "raped by a pack of niggers" thing? (Also, Oksana now claims Mel threatened her with a gun.) That probably had something to do with it! All this would presumably add up to the racist nail in Mel Gibson's bigoted coffin. But as Deadline points out, racist or not, Gibson the producer of the most profitable independent film ever (The Passion of The Christ), has a bunch of movies coming out and co-owns the successful company Icon Productions. But Hollywood has never let money get in the way of its true mission: To promote racial and gender equality throughout the world. So, consider Mel Gibson done. [THR][Deadline][TMZ]
  • Dina Lohan says Lilo is "scared to death" of prison. "It's very difficult, we're not sleeping well, we're not functioning. We cry a lot and we hug a lot. She's petrified, we all are. We're angry." And, honestly, Lindsay does have something to be scared of, besides the obvious prison things: Lynwood, the all-female prison Lindsay Lohan will be sent to at the end of the month, has a strict no-smoking policy. A friend tells TMZ, ""I'm honestly scared for [Lindsay] ... I don't think she's gone a day without smoking in years." Could you imagine quitting cold turkey on the same day you went to prison? Not the right time. [ET][TMZ]
  • On Thursday, Ryan Seacrest and his girlfriend Julianne Hough had dinner at the Billionaire Club in Sardinia with a bunch of business partners. He apparently picked up the tab for everyone: $41,000 plus a $10,000 tip. Actually pretty reasonable for a place called "the Billionaire Club". [TMZ]
  • Nicolas Cage got in a sorta-fight at a bar in New York after the premiere of The Sorcerer's Apprentice. There was no physical contact. [P6]
  • Angelina Jolie told Us Weekly that she was cool as a kid. "I was never teased. I never had any trouble from anybody." But even though she had the social acceptance so many desire, she had deep existential problems: "I was never satisfied. I had trouble sleeping. I didn't really fit. I always feel that I'm searching for something deeper, something more, more." Then she snapped out of it and said, "Wait a second. I'm fucking Angelina Jolie. I have sex on a regular basis with Brad Pitt. My life is awesome and I am awesome." [Us Weekly]
  • Ever want to know what it's like to have fake sex with Julia Roberts on the set of a movie? James Franco, who co-stars in Eat, Pray, Love dishes: "She is very, very outgoing. But I think she'll also admit pretty freely that she doesn't love to do love scenes and actually was charmingly shy when we had to do them." [Popeater]
  • Lady Gaga has cellulite. But maybe it's just one of her wacky costumes. [Daily Mail]
  • We now know where Carrie Underwood's super secret wedding is: The Ritz-Carlton in Greensboro, GA. (You will remember that she didn't even tell her guests where the wedding would be held.) A source told Star that the wedding was going to be "Country Fusion… there will be Asian touches." Wow. [Star]
  • And, finally, more wedding news: Famous basketball player Carmelo Anthony will get married MTV's LaLa Vasquez at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York tonight. Famous traitor/hero LeBron James will attend. [P6]