Though, sadly, he's no Mulder. Also today: Miramax has finally been bought! Yay for millionaires! Comedy Central has a new sitcom in the works, and HBO has intriguing new projects.

Alan Ball, decadent master of all things dead, is working on another show about dead things. This one is called All Signs of Death, and it's based on a noir crime novel about a twentysomething layabout who ends up working as a crime scene cleaner. There's a central murder mystery and some past stuff the guy has to deal with and so on. Maybe this series will put Ball back on the Six Feet Under track that the increasingly embarrassing True Blood has taken him away from. [Deadline]

Comedy Central has finally stepped back, put its goggles on its head and examined what it has made. It is done. It will work. They have built a time machine and they will turn the large dial to 1996 and they will travel back and create the television show Brothers from Another Mother. It's a multicamera sitcom about comedians Ralphie May (a white person) and Lavell Crawford (a black person) who find out that they are brothers when they inherit a barbecue restaurant from their father. It will air on The WB after The Steve Harvey Show and then your mom will tell you to go to bed because you have seventh grade in the morning. [THR]

Ohhhh sextime. Lee Pace, who wooed hearts and made pies on Pushing Daisies, has been cast in the HBO pilot Miraculous Year, that New Yorky theater show that sounds reallllyyyyy exciting. Kathryn Bigelow is directing the pilot! And now Lee Pace is in it? That is maybe the best show ever right there. What are they going to say next, "Oh hey Meryl Streep is also playing a big part and the whole show tastes like cheese fries. Oh and here's some delicious free wine, courtesy of this show, and hey, want to come to Paris with us?" Then I would have to marry this show. [EW]

Gillian Anderson has been cast as another serious federal agent! But this time she's playing a British MI7 secret agent and instead of David Duchovny she gets... Rowan Atkinson. Yes, she'll be in the sequel to Johnny English, about a bumbling spy who bumbles a lot. Gillian Anderson is fascinating in that she's not some American lady who mysteriously turned English, like Gwynzee Patroni or the Madonnawitch. No, she's both British and American. At the same time! It's sort of miraculous. Anyway, this news comes shortly after Anderson had to scrap plans to play Hemingway's wife in a biopic, because Nicole Kidman's playing the same role in an HBO movie. Well, Hemingway, Johnny English. It's basically the same thing, right? [Deadline]

Ahhh relief. Finality. Closure. Miramax has finally been sold. The once-great indie giant was scooped up not by the brothers Weinstein or Rob Lowe and his pack of mangy Italians. No, instead it was purchased by a construction executive. So it will be stripped for spare parts and then the rest will be ground into cement and used in the foundation of a condominium or something. And that's that. [THR]

Oh, and late addition! HBO's gonna-be-fucking-awesome-I-really-really-hope Boardwalk Empire will premiere on September 19th. Not soon enough! [EW]