Since there aren't any more Snuggie jokes to be made, Americans have moved on to ironically loving a new ridiculous product: the TV Hat. Can we all agree to stop wasting our money on this crap?

The TV Hat, which is basically a baseball cap with an exceptionally long brim with a magnifying glass inside it so that you can actually see the screen on your iPod, iPhone, or other video-playing device (does a Zune show movies? Do they even make those anymore?). The infomercial is completely comical and it looks more like a skit from Saturday Night Live (SNL hasn't aired anything this funny—intentionally or otherwise—in years) than an actual commercial. And I can't imagine anyone is buying it because they plan to ever use it, just like with the Snuggie, a commercial that millions of people saw and had people thinking to themselves, "Oh, that's so funny. I'm going to buy one and give it to my friend and we'll laugh and laugh and wear it once and then it will sit around his house for several years before its synthetic fibers go on to decompose in a landfill for the next hundred years and poison the very earth."

According the makers of the TV Hat, they're selling like hotcakes. Are there really enough stupid grandmothers out there who have been fooled into buying all those TV Hats with sincerity? Or are you people buying it as a joke? You really just need to stop. This is a free market economy and if investors keep making money on disposable giggle products, we're never going to be done with them!