Remember Jon Gosselin's Ed Hardy-esque dragon tattoo? He reportedly misspelled his girlfriend's name in it. And check out Brody Jenner's "Avril" tattoo, in honor of his favorite month to visit Paris. Just kidding! It's in honor of girlfriend Avril Lavigne.

Brody trotted out his "Avril" tattoo en route to Lindsay Lohan's belated birthday party last night (which LiLo skipped, on account of the whole impending jail sentence thing). Avril, meanwhile, debuted her "Brody" tattoo on the beach yesterday. Brody and Avril are four months into their relationship (Avril's first since breaking up with ex-husband Deryck Whibley) and their previous matching tats—which reads "FUCK"—are two months old.

Meanwhile, Jon Gosselin's dragon tattoo of horror gets even more horrible: Turns out he misspelled girlfriend Ellen Ross' name in it. The problem stems from Jon's desire to transliterate everything into Korean before inking it on his body. (Why do people think foreign languages make their inane tattoo ideas cooler? I once met an eastern European with "COUSIN" tattooed on his chest, and suddenly I realized that all that illiterate Italian and axiomatic Sanskrit must look ridiculous to those who understand it.)

The first consonant sound of Ellen's name was lost in translation, and now the word on Jon's back is pronounced more like "Erin." Is this related to that painful joke about Asians mixing up 'L' and 'R' sounds? In Chinese a soft 'L' is the closest thing they have to an 'R,' which is why native Chinese speakers sometimes blur those consonants together when they learn new languages. Is that linguistic anomaly true in Korean, too? Either way, Jon Gosselin's ugly tattoo apparently has an ugly typo in it.

And this has been your regrettable tattoo news update of the day.

[Image of Brody via Pacific Coast News]