Finally, some Lindsay Lohan news! (Kind of.) An out of place middle-aged man has been identified in photos from Lohan's New Year's Eve trip to St. Barth's: Jeff Greene, weird billionaire Democratic Senate candidate from Florida!

Greene is in a close Senate primary with Rep. Kendrick Meek for the Democratic nomination. He entered the race just as the party was ready to consolidate around Meek, pissing off everyone. Greene, a true populist, made his fortune shorting the housing market during the recent unpleasantness, taking the advice of notorious hedge fund manager John Paulson, back when he was cool. Now, for whatever reason, he's self-financing a campaign he'll certainly lose eventually to become Florida's powerless back-benching junior senator. He cares about jobs.

He also cares about Lindsay Lohan, and following her around on the street in St. Barth's, like a creep. Check out more photos here of the blue and yellow, watershoed United States Senate candidate following the insane media creation "Lindsay Lohan" around.