Today at Gawker.TV, a look inside Lindsay Lohan's future jail cell, Ke$ha likes her men fat and bearded, Fox and Friends discuss their favorite J.Lo movies, and in case you missed it: Steve Carell's must-see appearance on the Colbert Report.

Get A Sneak Peek At Lindsay Lohan's New Prison Digs
The Today Show took us inside the Lynwood Women's Facility, aka Lindsay "I'm The Victim of Constitutional Injustice" Lohan's future home for 90 days. Guess what? It looks a lot like... jail! But with a pink and green color scheme.

Even Stepvhen Returns as Steve Carell Makes His First Colbert Report Appearance
We know them as the favorite sons of Jon Stewart's burgeoning Daily Show, but it's been five years since we've seen Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell together. Watch tonight's debate, and clips of the duo's greatest toe-to-toes, after the jump.

John C. Reilly Flails Around The Tonight Show
While on The Tonight Show to promote his movie Cyrus, John C. Reilly presented methods for staying awake while telling a hilarious story about getting a phone message for his father.

Ke$ha's "Bear" Nece$$ities
On Wednesday's installment of The Daily Ten, Ke$ha explained to Michael Yo that her ideal man is both burly and beard-y.

Fox & Friends Review J.Lo's Movies From Four Years Ago
After a story on Jennifer Lopez's concert in Greece, the gang at Fox & Friends turned to discussing Lopez's film work. Instead of talking about the recent The Back-Up Plan, the hosts concentrated on earlier works.