Ughh. Here comes another teaser for The Social Network, Aaron Sorkin's too-timely movie about the creation of the most important invention of all time, the Facebook. This one is just as serious as the first one, only now there's typing!

Update: So Sony pulled the video from YouTube. We're working on getting our own clip. It's possible the trailer was a fake? But even so, I think the below rant still applies, even just in the context of the first teaser. Sigh.

Very, very fast typing. And pictures of people. Like Rashida Jones playing... a college student? Lady's 34 years old. Come on now. Also on hand are pictures of ickle Joe Mazzello from Jurassic Park (and, yeah, The Pacific), this cute British dude who's going to be the new Spider Man, Justin Timberlake, and a coupla other chicks. Fine, whatever. But what in sweet merciful pancakes is up with this sturm und drang? Last time I checked, no one got murdered in the making of Facebook. Basically one nerd got mad at another nerd and that was it. Why the booming monster sounds and worried voices? Guys, it's about a stupid fucking thing on the internet that is used to stalk boys you had crushes on in high school. (Have they gotten fat? Sadly no, they have not.) That is all Facebook is for! And to play Farmingtown or whatever that thing is. A trailer for a movie about Facebook should play "Everybody wants to rule the world..." while people smile and clink glasses and there are pretty shots of the brick sea of Harvard Square. That's it. None of this Hans Zimmer foreboding like we're about to watch There Will Be Blood or some mess. If 80 years from now someone wants to make a movie all about how America was corrupted and ruined by Facebook — as it was with the oil industry — then fine. But right now? Right now we're way too busy seeing what that a cappella kid from college who we never worked up the courage to talk to is up to these days. We can't get all serious about Facebook right now.

The marketing for this movie is so spectacularly off. Or is it? It totally makes you want to see it, doesn't it? Just to see what the movie is actually like?