Lindsay Lohan is reportedly angling for $1 million for her first post-jail interview, and going to prison could end up boosting sales of her clothing line, too. "Financially, it's the best thing that could have ever happened to Lindsay."

Lately, Lindsay's main sources of income have been paid appearances and tweeting for cash, which pay no more than a few thousand a pop. But jailhouse confessions? Those are really worth something. Paris Hilton was reportedly offered $1 million for hers. (But ultimately gave it away for free to Larry King.) Popeater's Rob Shuter reports,

"Expect to see a major TV and magazine deal," a source close to Lindsay tells me. "Lindsay might have made a lot of mistakes, but she knows how much her first interview is worth. She won't even consider offers of less than $1 million."

Of course, they won't literally be paying for the interview—as is de rigueur for American checkbook journalism, she will technically be paid for some sort of primary material (video confessionals?) so the interview can remain "unpaid."

Meanwhile, Women's Wear Daily's Marcy Medina reports that retailers are stocking up on apparel from Lindsay's 6126 leggings line.

"Lindsay has mind share right now, so people will be interested to see what the merchandise looks like," said Jeff Vansinderen, a senior retail analyst at B. Riley & Co. "Times are tough right now in the retail environment and if I'm a retailer, I'm going to put the merchandise out there and try to sell it."

"This is a hard incident, and we don't know how the consumer is going to react," said Fraser Ross, owner of Kitson stores, who ordered about $15,000 worth of 6126 apparel for this month. He acknowledged that Lohan could get out of jail in as few as 23 days "as the clothes are hitting stores and there will be interest in her."

Once she has all her post-prison money, LiLo can blow it all on a massive coke bender, go to jail for that, give more interviews and reap more profits, and—whoops! Looks like we've fallen into a vortex of infinite regression, degradation, and debauchery. This process is also known as "show business."

[Image of Lindsay licking her lip during her probation hearing via Getty.]