Religious people don't attend religious services as often as they used to, probably because they're boring. But what if you could take your awesome guns to churches, mosques, synagogues, etc., as you will now be able to in Louisiana?

Louisiana Gov. Bobby "Kenneth the Page" Jindal has just signed into law one of the state legislature's most Controversial recent bills, allowing guns to be carried into "houses of worship." But before you get too excited, no, this does not mean you get a "freebie murder" inside these places.

[Rep. Henry] Burns' bill would authorize persons who qualified to carry concealed weapons having passed the training and background checks to bring them to churches, mosques, synagogues or other houses of worship as part of a security force.

The pastor or head of the religious institution must announce verbally or in weekly newsletters or bulletins that there will be individuals armed on the property as members of he security force. Those chosen have to undergo eight hours of tactical training each year.

Well, as long as some paperwork needs to be filled out and various motions gone through, then maybe people won't start shooting each other in church more frequently.

Then again, religious places are private property, so they should be able to go nuts if they want to. Besides, when the oil starts flooding Louisiana buildings soon, someone will need to be there to shoot it.

[via Jason Linkins/HuffPo, image via]