They now have their lead actor! So it's really going to air. Also today: a new role for the rarely seen Richard Dreyfuss, a new internet documentary sounds weird, and Whoopi Goldberg does something miraculous.

Gird your loins, The Craft fans. Love hexed preppy boy Skeet Ulrich is gonna be chung-chunging his way around SoCal on the upcoming (and wildly misguided) Law & Order: LA. He'll play the role of Rex Winters, and with a name like that we can only guess that his character is a restless and soul-sick gay porn actor who got too old for the job and spends a lot of his time wandering Redondo Beach. He's in love with a young street hustler but the kid just uses him for money and a place to crash. Sometimes Rex Winters wishes he was back in Pennsylvania, that he'd never followed Wesley all the way out West. He misses Wesley sometimes, hates watching the young hustler, Ash, slip down that dark alleyway of drugs where Wesley disappeared and died all those years ago. Sounds like a really interesting character, Skeet! Hm, what's that? Oh Rex Winters is actually just a dedicated cop and former Marine? Oh. Ho hum. [Deadline]

Down and out (possibly in Beverly Hills) actor Richard Dreyfuss has landed a guest starring gig on down and out television show Weeds. He'll do four episodes as "an unexpected character from Nancy Botwin's past." Didn't Richard Dreyfuss quit acting a while back? Does this mean he needs money? Was he sailing with his wife one day and looked at her and said "We're gonna need a bigger boat"? That would be wonderful. Speaking of wonderful, you know what's a wonderful Richard Dreyfuss movie? Always. Man I love that stupid movie. Holly Hunter! So good. Let's go watch Always on VHS at my parents' house. My mom will make English muffin pizzas. [EW]

Ridley Scott and State of Play director Kevin MacDonald are teaming up to create "the first user-generated feature-length documentary." They're doing it with the YouTube. Basically it's a "time capsule" where a bunch of people film themselves doing something on July 24th, 2010 (that's soon, guys!) so future generations know what it was like on that day, in this year. Oh goody. You know what life was like on July 24th 2010, future aliens? It was a Saturday so we all woke up hungover and then ate grilled cheese and maybe made a halfhearted attempt at getting out of the house (wandered aimlessly around a book store, reluctantly tried something on for that weeding next month but didn't buy it). Then we got drunk again, and at one point looked up at the dark night sky and felt small and faraway. Faraway from what we weren't sure. Well, that's what July 24th, 2010 was like in some places, for some of us anyway. That's what it was like for Rex Winters. (Though, no one invites him to weddings anymore and he doesn't read books.) [THR]

Good lord. And I mean LORD. I mean Jesus the Savior in Heaven Above, Deliverer of us all and the Shepherd that is my Guide and the Word and the Everlasting Light. Sweet Baby Jeemus take me to London! Whoopi Goldberg is doing a three week West End stint in.... THE SISTER ACT MUSICAL. Joyful joyful Lord we adore thee! Well, OK, Whoops isn't playing her original role. She's playing Mother Superior, the Maggie Smith part in the first. (And yes that link is to the [apparently Spanish-dubbed] sequel, but whatEVS.) Whoopi and Sister Act back together again. Only one question remains: Whither Kathy Najimy? Whither she indeed. [Variety]

Cue the Dar Williams and ring the bells in Northampton, Lifetime is making a movie version of the uber popular nonfiction book Reviving Ophelia. Jane Kaczmarek and the marrrrvelous Kim Dickens will play two moms of teenage girls who are weathering their teenage girls' problems. I love how in Lifetime movies there always has to be the mom character. In Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life, which was about a teenage boy addicted to internet porn (shocking!), they had to cart in Kelly Lynch to play the concerned mom part because, like, they need a middle-aged lady to be in the movie, or else it's not a real Lifetime movie. There is no reason for a mom to be in that movie! Not Without My Daughter? Yes, correct. Put the mom in. It's basically right there in the title. But Reviving Ophelia is about the teenage girls, right? Not the moms? Oh sing me a song, Ani, and take me away from all this confusion. [Variety]

Random weird fact: You know who the one famous actor my dad has ever met is? Skeet Ulrich. I was home from college one day and he said "They invited me to watch a screening of this TV movie and the guy from your "Shriek" movies was there talking about it. Nice kid."