On his way to an appearance on a grilled cheese sandwich, Jesus took a wrong turn and found himself in a Portuguese brothel. What would Jesus do? Here's Portuguese Playboy to answer this urgent question with NSFW photos.

To mark Nobel-winning writer Jose Saramago's death, Portuguese Playboy took inspiration from Saramago novel The Gospel According to Jesus Christ—a fictional reimagining of Christ's life as a flawed human—with explicit images showing Jesus glowing in the corner during a lesbian sex scene, next to a street hooker, and over the shoulder of a random topless lady reading a book. (Is she supposed to be a Catholic schoolgirl?)

Update: Playboy Enterprises tells us that it plans to shutter the Portuguese edition because of the controversial cover/photo shoot.

Via Buzzfeed and Drunken Stepfather, the latter of which contains the NSFW non-Jesus images from the photo set, too.