Lindsay Lohan will soon turn herself into Lynwood's Century Regional Detention Facility for a 90-day sentence. How many days will she actually serve? Will she get extra time for her fingernail "fuck you"? What will her cell look like?

Your guide to the incarceration that everyone saw coming but nobody actually thought would happen until now.

WHEN: Judge Revel decreed yesterday that Lindsay would serve a 90-day jail sentence, followed by 90 days of inpatient rehab. Revel could have sent Lindsay directly to jail after yesterday's hearing, but instead LiLo has until July 20 to turn herself in.

WHERE: Lindsay will serve her sentence at Lynwood, California's Century Regional Detention Facility (CRDF), the same place she served 84 minutes of DUI-related jail time in 2007, before her probation started. This is the same facility where Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie served terms for their DUIs. (23 days and 82 minutes, respectively.) Here it is on Google Maps. It has one user review: Five stars! Here's what CRDF looks like on the inside:

Lindsay will be kept away from the general population in a version of solitary confinement that is specially designed for famous people and other special inmates.

HOW LONG? A spokesperson for the LA Sheriff's Departmentsays the average female inmate in Lindsay's situation serves 25 percent of her sentence. If Lindsay behaves, her 90-day sentence is apt to end after a mere 23 days. Unless, of course...

CAN SHE SCREW UP ANY WORSE? Yes, and she may have already. Fox411 reports that yesterday's "FUCK U" nail stunt could place Lindsay in direct contempt of court, which could turn in three to five extra days in jail for vulgarity. Another way to score extra jail time would be to violate a term of probation before Lindsay turns up at jail later this month. She's still wearing her booze-sniffing SCRAM ankle bracelet, so if it goes off again—like at the birthday party Lindsay is/was supposed to have tonight—she'll be in deep shit.

HOW WILL SHE SEEK SOLACE? She'll be able to see friends and family members; visiting hours are from 8:30AM to 7:30PM on weekends and 9:15AM to 4:30PM on weekdays. There's always religion (seven ministries have a presence in the prison), and there are a handful of other groups (Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Cocaine Anonymous) she might want to look into while she's there. She can receive care packages, as long as they don't include money, food, cosmetics, weapons, or basically anything fun. And she'll probably continue to take her usual prescription cocktail of Ambien and Adderrall. She might even get "stronger than morphine" painkiller Dilaudid, which she was authorized to take during probation, although that was just for her oral surgery, not long-term use.

[Image of Lindsay via Getty, images of Lynwood jail via Splash]