Photographs from actress Lindsay Lohan's probation violation hearing today—where she was sentenced to 90 days in prison—reveal a, um, secret message from Lindsay. A secret, curse-word message. That she wrote on her fingernail. Click through for more evidence.

It's Lindsay Lohan Day! And in honor of the holiday, What Would Tyler Durden Do flags an interesting manicurial choice on Lindsay's part. What's that she has on her fingernail? Does it say... "THANK U"? What a sweet gesture to her sponsors and the firm but supportive judge, Marsha Revel! Maybe Lindsay really has... oh, wait.

Yes, Lindsay Lohan wrote "FUCK U" on her fingernail. She is making bad choices again! Molly Fitzpatrick, Gawker intern and noted expert in the Probation Violation Hearing of the Century, says:

She did spend a lot of time writing/doodling/otherwise fiddling with a pen. I wouldn't be too surprised if she added that to her manicure during the hearing... It did seem at times like her lawyer might be intentionally positioning herself between Lohan and the cameras

Don't believe your own eyes? Here's the full-size image from Getty Images (which means it's straight from the photo agency and has not been Photoshopped). Click to enlarge:

And a zoom on the fingernail in question:

And here are more images from the trial, where you can clearly see the writing on her nail (again, click to enlarge):

[Photos via Getty Images]