Here's video of a mounty arresting two people in Burnaby, BC last week as their RABID TERRIER tears at his leg. That's not the weird part. At :35 in, it seems a rodent disappears inside one suspect's... ass? Watch inside.

OK, here's the video. Remember, the part you want to pay most attention to happens around 35 seconds in—it's over in a flash, too, so make sure you watch closely.

I'm gonna let that marinate for a second...

*Musical Interlude*

Aaaaand we're back! So, did you see what I saw? Did a mysterious rodent seek refuge in the suspect's ass, never again to see the light of day? Did the whole Richard Gere gerbil rumor just wake up for its ninth life? Let's investigate!

Here's a screengrab of the video, taken as the rodent begins its fateful push into the unknown:

Here's one, taken just afterward, that depicts the rodent mid-plunge:

And here's a final one—similar to what the rest of the video looks like—showing no trace of the Refugee Rodent:

Of course, this begs the question...

Where/what the HELL did that little guy up and run off to/into?

[LiveLeak via Fark]