Remember when Jeremy Piven abandoned his Speed-the-Plow role because he'd "eaten too much sushi," got "mercury poisoning" and "almost died?" Well, Piven is STILL clinging to the Sushi Defense™. Inside, video of Piven's unintentionally hilarious new interview with Peter Travers.

Here's the interview. Afterward, a fun drinking game that I just made up!

If there was a drinking game for this interview—or any of Piven's previous Sushi Defense™ interviews, for that matter—I think it'd go a little something like this:

  • Piven mentions "almost" dying: Drink 1
  • Piven mentions "evidence" from his "doctor": Drink 1
  • Piven blames ~the media~ for distorting the story: Drink 2
  • Piven begrudgingly notes that the whole "too much sushi" thing inherently seems like a bullsh*t excuse: Drink 2
  • Piven compares his behavior to that of another celebrity in order to make it seem better: Drink 3
  • Piven decries critics that said he pulled out because he cared more about partying: Drink 3 (and see above, because it's coming next)
  • Piven pretentiously notes that he's a stage actor by trade, which makes it IMPOSSIBLE to pull out of an obligation due to heavy partying: Drink 4
  • Piven tells the full, unaltered, spin-free truth: LOL

After watching the video, please feel free to make up some of your own rules—and/or play along at home—to add to The Official Gawker™ Jeremy Piven Sushi Defense™ Drinking Game™.

[ via Vulture]