In your sizzling Tuesday media column: Michael Hastings has a war book coming, talking about Howie Kurtz is more important than anything, The Upshot finally launches, Clay Shirky says print is dead, and Emily Brill's back in action.

  • Michael Hastings, the reporter who shamefully committed anti-American journalism by writing truthful things about Gen. McChrystal in Rolling Stone, got himself a book deal. "The book will offer an unfiltered look at the war, and the soldiers, diplomats and politicians who are waging it." Lara Logan is still seeking a publisher for her book, "The Nice Man in the Fancy Uniform Looks Great."
  • What the media needs to do now more than ever is to talk and talk and talk some more about Howard Kurtz and Patrick Gavin talking about each other, in nauseatingly ill-concealed hope that they can somehow get on Howie Kurtz's show, to talk about Howie Kurtz's show, and about people who talk about Howie Kurtz's show.
  • "The Upshot," the Yahoo News blog featuring Mr. John Cook and Mr. Cajun Boy, among others, officially launches today. In his introductory post, editor Andrew Golis pledges to "to cut through the noise and misinformation and get to the heart of what's important and why." We, in turn, pledge to cut this blog's head off, burn it, and salt the earth where it once stood. Kidding! We're sure we'll get along with those guys, pretty much.
  • The latest insight from smart media thinker Clay Shirky: Print newspapers won't survive, because 25 year-olds don't give a fuck about print newspapers. Yes, we agree. Elsewhere, Detroit's newspapers "say they have saved millions of dollars by reducing the use of delivery trucks, paper and ink." They'll save millions more when they go out of business.
  • The three sweetest words in journalism: "Emily Brill investigates." Yes she does.