Are you an LA-based cool person with "a dependable car or Vespa?" If so, you can be an intern for point-and-shoot nightlife photography conglomerate The Cobra Snake! Successful candidates will also have an "opportunity to learn about Vintage clothing."

Are you ready to join the ranks of LA's coolest people of all time? Just simply fill out this questionnaire, WITH A RED PEN ONLY, and cross your fingers for the opportunity of a lifetime!

1. Give an example of a stressful situation and how you dealt with it in a unique or creative way? Provide examples from previous occupations, sports, bands, travels or school.

2. Do you consider yourself more resourceful then most people you know? Why?

3. Working at The Cobra Shop requires the ability to multi-task under strict deadlines – Please list a least 3 examples where this is displayed?

4. Do you have a laptop that you'd be willing to use here? Is it PC or Mac?

5. How much of a web guru do you consider yourself – please let us know how much you can accomplish?

6. Do you have any experience in sales?

7. Are you knowledgeable in communicating with people from different cultures? Please give examples?

8. Can you work up to 2 days a week? How long do you desire your internship to be?

9. Do you have a dependable car or vespa that you will use to get to the office when scheduled?

9. Do you think being on time is important?

10. Are you currently enrolled in college?

11. What division of The Cobra Snake are you most interested in working for:
Modeling, Photography, The Cobra Shop, or Marketing & Events, Please explain

Get on it.

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