Washington Post person Howard Kurtz, on his CNN program "Reliable Sources" today got a little heated over Politico's Patrick Gavin calling his show "television's best representation of [the Washington press corps'] clubbiness." Don't cross Howie, he'll blast you on air!

Kurtz was miffed at a June 22 column by Gavin, where he wrote this blasphemous line:

Washington can be a clubby town and CNN's "Reliable Sources" may very well be television's best representation of that clubbiness: It's a Sunday show by reporters, for reporters, about reporters and is hosted by Washington Post reporter Howard Kurtz, who himself can be seen making all the right appearances on Washington's clubby cocktail circuit with all of us other reporters.

This pissed of Kurtz, who used airtime on his Very Important Television Show to read an email he received from Gavin:

Gavin, after Reliable Sources aired today, wrote the following to the Huffington Post:

If there was any better indication of the show's inside-baseball nature, it's Kurtz using up airtime and digging through his email archive to do a segment on my piece about his show. It's a slow news week on July 4th weekend, but still...

Are you going to take this kind of shit, Howie? Next week: ratings boost!