It's hot out. Don't you wish you were scuba diving? With a Dachshund? This Russian guy is teaching his dog, Boniface, to scuba dive. Aw. Click through for more pictures of this amazing scuba diving dog.

Writes the AP:

Owner Sergei Gorbunov, a professional diver in the Pacific Coast city of Vladivostok had a diving suit complete with helmet made for the dog and is teaching him the tricks of the trade.

In a recent demonstration, Boniface barked eagerly as Gorbunov readied the equipment and uncomplainingly endured being hung upside-down as Gorbunov fitted the suit on him.

But when he was underwater, Boniface emitted "high-pitched whines." Looks like somebody's got a case of the doggy bends!

Here is another picture of Boniface:

And here is Boniface about to go underwater:

Boniface the Russian scuba diving dog should get married to Paul the German psychic octopus. So cute!

UPDATE: Hands points out in the comments that a dog and a cat did this years ago. So, screw you, Boniface.

[Pics by AP]