The Texas textbook whitewashers were right about Thomas Jefferson: The Library of Congress has discovered that Jefferson originally wrote "subjects" instead of "citizens" in an early draft of the Declaration of Independence. Was the "Man of the People" a phony?

Using spectral imaging technology, the Library of Congress found that Jefferson had written and then erased "subject" from the document—replacing it with "citizens"—since the colonies were standing up to King George III and the word appeared in the section about the colonies' rejection of the crown. From The Washington Post:

Seldom can we re-create a moment in history in such a dramatic and living way," Library of Congress preservation director Dianne van der Reyden said at Friday's announcement of the discovery.

"It's almost like we can see him write 'subjects' and then quickly decide that's not what he wanted to say at all, that he didn't even want a record of it," she said. "Really, it sends chills down the spine."

Yes, it does send chills down the spine. The Tea Partiers were right—we need to rewrite the histories of real American heroes like Joe McCarthy, who really fought against tyranny, and leave these liberal fakes, whose true intentions are all too clear, out of our kids' textbooks altogether.

[Washington Post; Image via]