Today at Gawker.TV, Cody Gifford is embarrassed by Kathie Lee on Today, Stephen Colbert makes fun of John Boehner's orange skin, the science of "man smacks," Bethenny Frankel realizes that her clothes don't fit her pregnant body.

Jon Stewart and Olivia Munn Discuss Our Love for Russian Spies
On last night's Daily Show new correspondent Olivia Munn explained how the recent spy case involving Russia is like Cold War Comfort Food for disillusioned Americans.

How Much Does Cody Gifford Regret Working Alongside his Mother in this Segment?
This morning Cody Gifford appeared for one short segment during the 4th hour of the Today Show. The amount of wacky events and embarrassing moments for Cody must surely mean he's regretting his decision to work alongside Mommy Dearest.

Pregnant Bethenny Frankel Realizes That She Can't Fit Into Her Clothes Anymore
As the Housewives star is entering her seventh month, she's realizing finding clothes in her closet to fit is a challenge. Watch as Bethenny decides wearing only a shirt will do just fine for her bridal shower.

Stephen Colbert is Convinced that John Boehner Sleeps in a Tanning Bed at Night
Obama's accusations about John Boehner being "out of touch" led Stephen to realize that Snooki isn't the only one to be hit hard by the upcoming tanning tax. Is it racist because the House minority leader is a "Tangelo-American?"

A Cinematic Tribute to "Man Smacks"
This video is a cinematic study of "man smacks," a social phenomenon that allows dudes to affectionately embrace in a totally-not-gay way. From I Love You Man to The Sopranos, we're not convinced that it's a legitimate thing.