This morning Cody Gifford appeared for one short segment during the 4th hour of the Today Show. The amount of wacky events and embarrassing moments for Cody must surely mean he's regretting his decision to work alongside Mommy Dearest.

Cody kicked off the segment by discussing which movies we should bother seeing over the holiday weekend. Somehow, his comment about child actors in M. Night Shamalan's new movie seem just a tad hypocritical.

Then, Kathie Lee interrupts a presentation of baby toys with the story of Cody and how much he loved his "binky." She went on and on until Cody defiantly says to his mother, "I do movies now!"

Next, Cody discovers that his Momma has let a hot chick sleep in his bed without his notice or consent.

And finally, the last bit of the segment is all the proof anyone needs that the Saturday Night Live sketches about the last hour of The Today Show are horrifyingly accurate.

Watch one, if you don't believe me!