Speaking of unforgivable crimes: Radar claims to have a tape of Mel Gibson telling ex Oksana Grigorieva "You look like a fucking pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of niggers, it will be your fault."

If the recordings are real, there will be no bouncing back from this one.

Gibson and Grigorieva have been battling publicly over custody settlement. (Oksana says Mel beat her; Mel says Oksana shook their baby. Mel's lawyer says Oksana has buyer's remorse; Oksana says they cheated her.) Now Radar claims to have listened to a recording of Mel ranting on the phone at Oksana:

"You're an embarrassment to me," Mel tells her at one point.

"You look like a f***ing pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of n***ers, it will be your fault."

In another tirade, Mel tells Oksana: "How dare you act like such a bitch when I have been so f**king nice."

He warns, "I am going to come and burn the f**king house down... but you will blow me first."

In a further outburst, Mel is heard telling her, "You're a bitch" to which Oksana insists, "I didn't do anything."

"Did so," Mel responds.

The tapes do not make it clear what the couple was arguing about.

But Mel tells Oksana, "Look what you did to me... look what you are... look what every part of you is... f**king fake... f**king fake.

Mel's lawyer won't comment, and his publicist hasn't acted yet. But it is within the realm of possibilities for a guy who once said "fucking Jews, Jews are responsible for all the wars" and who once called a female police officer "sugar tits," would say. [Radar, image via Getty]