Germany's Federal Assembly chosen a new president, but all anyone outside Germany cares about is his wife's tattoo, and whether Germany's "most unusual first lady" is a "First Lady mit glamour-potenzial." Meet Bettina Wulff. She's a 5'11" blonde European chick!

There isn't much about Bettina in the English-language press, yet, but based on my shaky knowledge of German (a.k.a. reliance on Google Translate) she's the wife of Christian Wulff, the youngest first lady ever to live in Bellevue Palace, Germany's first tattooed first lady, has two kids, and before she married Christian was a PR executive. (Maybe she still is?) Based on my knowledge of America's interest in foreign politics, there will be galleries of her best outfits in every Style section this week, and maybe three sentences about her husband in the International section, but that'll just be an excuse to post more pictures of her tattoo. [Zeit, Welt, Reddit, Images via Getty]