Today at Gawker.TV, the Real World's latest cast includes an emotional-yet-homophobic skater bro, Stephen Colbert solves the mystery of King Tut's missing unit, how to take an icing like a real bro, and Jason Segel gets interviewed by a 10-year-old.

The Real World's Ryan Is a Homophobic Drama Queen
The Real World returned (to New Orleans!) tonight for its latest season. The premiere introduced us to the cast, including Ryan, a hairdresser from Arizona who wears a "purity ring" and doesn't like when his masculinity is questioned.

Adam Shankman Can't Control Himself on So You Think You Can Dance
Freakishly good ballet dancer, Alex Wong, wowed the SYTYCD studio into a wild standing ovation with his insane hip hop number last night. After the cheering ceased, everyone calmed down... well... almost everyone. Adam wasn't exactly subtle with his praise.

Jason Segel's Hysterical Interview With a 10-Year-Old Girl
This fun little interview with Jason Segel and Lucy, who's ten, is a combination of adorably cute and funny. Watch her ask the hard questions-from his recent remarks about HIMYM to his relationship with Paul Rudd.

Daniel Tosh Takes an Icing Like a Real Man
While most agree that the "bros icing bros" phenomenon is over, Daniel Tosh and company only got around to addressing the fad in last night's episode. Watch Tosh take the most bad-ass icing we've seen yet-with blood!

Stephen Colbert Reveals the Secret of King Tut's Missing Penis
Is it a case of theft, or maximum shrinkage? Only The Colbert Report has the balls to expose this chilling mystery.