That's a lot of money! Anguilla must be so embarrassed. Also today: Meryl Streep as the Iron Lady, two vampiresses team up to kill people, Judd Apatow heads to the Playhouse, and Scream finds another victim.

Unheralded and little-known actress Meryl Streep might earn her first award nomination for playing Margaret "Saucy Minx" Thatcher in an upcoming movie. This isn't set in stone, but it does look likely. So that would be nice for Streep, to finally get some Oscar recognition instead of actresses like Margo Martindale and Patricia Clarkson taking all the awards like always. Oh, an odd thing about the Thatcher biopic (which focuses on the months leading up to the Falklands War) is that it's going to be directed by the same lady who did Mamma Mia!. Peculiar. I know she's a big time theater director, but those are two verrry different kinds movies. [THR]

Two blood-suckin' laydayz from America's two most popular fangtasias — True Twilight and Blood Moon — have landed in the same movie. Nikki Reed (Rosalie in Twinkles: A Story) and Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica on Sookie of the Year) are set to appear in Catch .44, that punnily titled movie about female assassins and the grizzled Bruce Willises who follow them. One assumes they'll play two of the three girl killers. They'd be joining Malin Ackerman, who has never played a vampire, but has had sex in an owl-copter. Which is sorta close, right? [Deadline]

Snarky smartypants Kevin Williamson is writing another snarky smartypants Scream movie and now a snarky smartypants (and hottiepants) named Adam Brody has been cast in the film. Perfect! He's going to play a police officer obsessed with crime procedural TV shows. Ohhhh so a referency and pop culturey Deputy Dewey. That'll be a joy. At least he's cute. Though, his cuteness certainly didn't save In the Land of Women. Did you see that piece? Woooof. Anyway. Is it weird that I'm kind of excited for this new Scream joint? [THR]

Aha! Judd Apatow, who produces everything now, it's law, is forging ahead with... a Pee Wee Herman movie! Jonah Hill could play Francis Buxton! Paul Reubens is co-writing it and, duh, starring. No word on the plot yet, but this could be very exciting. As long as Apatow doesn't add a lot of dick jokes. I mean, like obvious dick jokes. Not the veiled innuendo kind that Pee Wee does. Those will still be there, one hopes. [Deadline]

The new Twilight movie, Sweet Eddie Cullen's Deep Dangle, has grossed some $95M and it's only been out for a day. It's broken records for amount grossed on a Wednesday release and for the widest release ever, coming out on 4,468 theaters this weekend. At this news, Summit was probably like "Shit! Is it too late to split this one up into two movies? Can we make the fourth book into... four movies??? Good god, we can't lose this thing people!" And then one wild-eyed exec just shrieked and shrieked and threw himself out the window, unable to handle it all. Team Edward? Team Jacob? Forget it. They're team Benjamin. Blingo! [EW]

Interesting. Mark Ruffalo has a plan in motion to play Ned Weeks in a film adaptation of Larry Kramer's significantly important "gay play," The Normal Heart. Ruffalo's an interesting choice for that part — maybe a little too rumply and kind-eyed — but he is, when he's trying, a really capable actor, so hopefully he can sell it. What gives me pause about this project, however, is that Glee man Ryan Murphy is attached to direct it. We'll see how he fares with this summer's Eat Pray Love, but if Running With Scissors is any indication, television might be his (far) better medium. I just wanna know how the notoriously difficult Kramer feels about all this. [Playlist]