Arizona is currently besieged by insane politicians, idiot citizens, racist educators, even more racist laws, and a nationwide boycott. Nobody's visiting, for some reason? The clear solution: better PR.

A state panel says there's no need "rebrand" Arizona—they just need to run a little PR campaign. Which is kind of the same thing? Details, details.

To that end, the task force wants a fact sheet to "clarify facts and misconceptions'' about SB 1070. And the report says a public relations specialist needs to be hired - using $250,000 in public funds and $30,000 from the Arizona Hotel and Lodging Association - to take that message to select markets, including major U.S. cities as well as Mexico and elsewhere.

Hey Mescans, read this fact sheet closely before vacationing in Arizona. Bring money, several forms of identification, and a bail bondsman's cell phone number. T-shirts available in many Arizona gift shops! In other Arizona PR news, the ACLU has issued a "travel alert" warning of a high risk of racial profiling in Arizona. Did they not get the fact sheet yet?

[AZ Central, Yuma Sun. Pic via]