Bee populations in the U.S. declined almost 30 per cent last year. Why? Some researchers think it's because cell phone radiation disturbs their navigational abilities (Update: Not everyone agrees!). Bee holocaust: There's an app for that.

Update: A tipster sends along a rebuttal of the study cited in the CNN article—taking issue with the small number of colonies used in the Indian study:

Four colonies?! That's it?

That's all we need to see to know this study isn't worth the paper it's printed on. A sample size of four- two of which were controls- is woefully inadequate to overcome the random ups and downs that normally occur among colonies in any apiary. And the p value from the abstract? The paper doesn't explain how they arrived at it, or even what test they used. It's just a regurgitated number with no context.

In other words, there is still no link between cell phones and bee declines.

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