In what may be the biggest divorce settlement ever, Tiger Woods is said to be giving ex-wife Elin Nordegren $750 million in exchange for her never speaking of their divorce or his affairs in public. And that's not all.

It's also said the deal will ban Tiger from bringing a girlfriend to meet the pair's two children until he marries her. (It seems Elin doesn't want her kids around just any Hooters waitress their father brings home. So now they'll only meet the really special ones.) Apparently her lawyers discovered that Tiger is worth a lot more than the $1 billion they originally anticipated. Still doesn't that figure seem a little high? I mean, $750 million dollars? She could buy all of Sweden with that! But for every eligible man who doesn't mind a spouse with trust issues, there's a new, attractive, almost-billionaire lady looking for a little comfort.

[Image via AP]