Did you know that Sen. Scott Brown is our President, right now? He's calling all the shots on financial reform! He got what he wanted yesterday — removal of a bank tax — but still won't pledge to vote yes.

Brown, who voted for the first Senate financial regulatory reform bill, then personally got the final bill's negotiators to eliminate a ban on big banks' proprietary trading, then personally forced Barney Frank and Chris Dodd to re-open concluded negotiations to remove a $19 billion, long-term tax on enormous banks, putting the implementation costs on taxpayers and smaller banks alike, is finally ready to give Democrats his vote. Just kidding, of course he's not! He needs to weigh his options, 24/7, as any responsible legislator must do, during a weekend vacation.

"I appreciate the conference committee revisiting the Wall Street reform bill and removing the $19 billion bank tax. Over the July recess, I will continue to review this important bill," Brown said. "I remain committed to putting in place safeguards to prevent another financial meltdown, ensure that consumers are protected, and that this bill is paid for without new taxes."

Yeah, he'll find something new to bitch about in a week. "What is this nonsense about trading derivatives on exchanges! Eh? This will kill jobs and stuff. My conscience will not let me vote to kill jobs," etc.

All hail Scott Brown, junior Senate backbencher, and President of Finance.