Today at Gawker.TV, Levi Johnston and Kathy Griffin go on an ice-fishing date, Whoopi Goldberg thinks King Tut's penis was small, other ships react to Captain Phil Harris' death, and the premiere of Louis CK's Louie seems quite promising.

Kathy Griffin and Levi Johnston Consummate their Relationship with Alaskan Ice Fishing
Talk about strange love. As if Kathy Griffin and Levi Johnston's friendship hasn't gotten bizarre enough for you yet, here they are having a romantic time ice fishing in Alaska.

Stephen Colbert Gives His Take On LeBron James
NBA free agency, or LeBron-Con One, begins tomorrow. Last night, Stephen talked with coach Mike D'Antoni on how he could help the New York Knicks woo LeBron James.

Whoopi Goldberg Thinks King Tut's Missing Penis Was a Tiny One
After discussing Al Gore's masseuse incident, the ladies of The View moved on to another famous politician's failings: King Tut's Micro-Penis! Although the missing penis was there when he was first unwrapped, Whoopi doesn't think it was theft.

The Premiere of Louie Has Potential to be Our Generation's Seinfeld
Louis CK's Louie premiered last night and the biggest surprise wasn't the jokes, it was the format. Like Seinfeld, the show begins and ends with the comic doing a stand up routine that coincides with the plot of the show.

Other Boats React to Captain Phil's Stroke on Deadliest Catch
Deadliest Catch continued with the aftermath of Captain Phil's stroke. Last night, the crews of the other featured boats found out what happened to Phil.