Dennis Crowley might be on top of the world now, but the Foursquare founder might want to tame his growing hubris. The CEO who called Google "hopeless" has been dissing Microsoft, too.

In a comment over at ReadWriteWeb, Microsoft's Director of Social Engagements Mark Drapeau described how Crowley and his honchos thwarted his many attempts to open a dialog with the company. Drapeau wanted to discuss a partnership to create a Foursquare "badge" for a Microsoft event, but there's no telling how far talks might have gone: Foursquare wouldn't even let Microsoft into its office:

Emailed Dennis; no reply (may have been meeting with VC's). Attempted to call; no phone number. Tried to visit in person; couldn't get it [in].

Crowley had time for other tech players. He is widely reported to have talked about a sale or other deal with Yahoo and Facebook in recent months before accepting $20 million from the venture firm Andreessen Horowitz. Thanks to the rapid growth of Foursquare's "check in" powered social network, Crowley can afford to be finicky about what meetings he takes. Wired UK recently crowned him the "New King of Social Media" in an article in which Crowley dissed former employer Google's "shitty" work environment and "hopeless social strategy." That's quite a slap against the company that bought his last, less successful startup.

The diss didn't keep Andreessen Horowitz from valuing Foursquare at $100 million. But Foursquare's bar-loving CEO/founder should start watching his step, lest he party-foul every last potential acquirer on the planet.

[via Business Insider]