Supermodel Naomi Campbell and actresses Mia Farrow and Carol White can be subpoenaed in the trial of former Liberian president Charles Taylor, The Hague ruled today. We hope that whoever has to serve Naomi papers wears adequate protection.

After all, she already punched one cameraperson when someone dared ask her questions about the trial, so just think about what she'll do to the guy who shows up with a court order—especially if she views him as "the help." For those who don't know, her testimony hinges on an uncut "blood diamond" that Taylor supposedly gave her while the two were both staying at the home of Nelson Mandela (along with Farrow and White). She has since denied that she ever got such a gift. Is it wrong that we're most concerned about just what Naomi is going to wear to court, and if she'll get a fresh wig?

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