In your illiterate Wednesday media column: Joe Klein fails reading comprehension, Gerald Posner does the Gerald Posner thing again, Photoshop model disclosure in Australia, a Conde-Hearst talent war foreshadowed, and Playboy grows ever less sexy.

  • Glenn Greenwald wrote a column about Jeff Goldberg, the Iraq War, and the moral issues surrounding invasions of countries, in which he mentioned Germany's invasion of the Sudetenland, among other examples. Quote: "It should go without saying, but doesn't: the point here is not that the attack on Iraq is comparable to these above-referenced invasions." Time's Joe Klein responded: "And now, Greenwald—who, so far as I can tell, only regards the United States as a force for evil in the world—has laid out the incredible notion that the liberation of the Kurds, which Jeff celebrates (and so do I, and so do civilized people everywhere) as a happy byproduct of George W. Bush's dreadful war in Iraq, can be compared to the Nazi seizure of the Sudetenland." Joe Klein is the world's best reader.
  • Serial plagiarist Gerald Posner has been caught in another instance of plagiarism—in this case, he stole quotes from the Houston Press. How's that lawsuit going, Gerald?
  • In Australia, a new fashion industry "code of conduct" says that magazines should disclose when they use any airbrushed or altered photographs. But the code is voluntary. Just like eating. You don't have to.
  • Keith Kelly predicts that Hearst will be poaching more execs from Conde Nast, now that it's already poached Conde big shot David Carey. We certainly hope that's true; the mid-career job moves of upper-level media managers are internet traffic gold.
  • Playboy announced that it's going to have another round of job cuts, as it "restructures its organization to become a brand-management company." Least sexxxy news ever.

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