New York City opened its public pools today to help residents cope with the record heat wave. Too bad they'll be full of squealing children. Here are some other more peaceful but equally cool ways to beat the heat.

Hotel Lobbies: Most hotels in the city crank the air conditioning to keep visitors nice and cool and they can't really keep track on a day to day basis of who should and shouldn't be (literally) chilling in the lobby. Take your book, laptop, or even some light knitting, and take up one of the comfy chairs littered around for guests to squat in. The Hudson Hotel has some nice club chairs, and it's near the park. And if anyone asks, you're staying in room 307.

Crack the Fire Hydrant: There is nothing that says "New York City in the summer" in a video montage like people splashing in an open fire hydrant. Why not do your Big Apple best and give it a whirl? Our friends at Time Out New York will even show you how. Just make sure you have a neighborhood hooligan to finger for the crime, because it's kind of illegal.

Commando: Don't know if this works for you ladies, but there is nothing like walking around the city in shorts and no underwear. It's kind of like when you turn the lights off when it's really hot. It probably doesn't make it any cooler, but, damn, does it feel good.

Movie Hopping: Almost every kid went from one movie to the next to create a make-your-own double feature. We all know the movies are super cold, so why spend two hours there when you can spend four or six? With all the movie times available online, just buy one ticket and then hop around all day. It's best to stick to non-opening weekend flicks (at least for movies two and three) and to pick a single-tiered theater where they're not likely to catch you going from one level to the next. Oh, and if you feel bad for bilking the theater, just buy an extra popcorn and Slushie. They make all their money from concessions anyway.

The Staten Island Ferry: This shit is free, air-conditioned, and sells inexpensive beer. Just grab a seat and enjoy the ride. You'll have to get off and back on at the terminals, but otherwise you can cruise all day in style. Warning: you will be rubbing shoulders with people who have some sort of business on Staten Island, and that's always a little sketchy. Oh, and one of the boats is cursed.

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