Today we looked at how prettyboy Massachusetts (sigh) senator Scott Brown totally doesn't want to pass finance reform. One commenter poetically elaborated on a sad and obvious fact: Brown isn't actually making any decisions himself.

From Pope John Peeps II:

Sometimes I think that the power structure of governments isn't kept in place by the vanity and buffoonery of the people actually IN power, but rather by the secretive people who stand next to them, act as advisors and through their ineptitude get the power to control the world without having to lift a finger. Like in "Yes, Minister".

There's no way a tricked out shit pimp like Scott Brown understands the first thing about major finance, or legislation. After eating seven slices of bacon for breakfast and doing his power bowflex routine, he probably sits down in his office for forty five minutes while the two ambitious Harvard graduates who run his affairs explain to him the day's agenda which constitutes what things he will say and what he will vote on what.

Every so often a twinge of pride probably runs through Scott Brown when he looks up and sees these twenty-somethings gazing down at him with piercing, intelligent scorn and he'll say "explain this to me!" in a peremptory, whinging groan. Then they'll roll their eyes and run their fingers through their hair (careful about the gel) and over their faces (careful about the foundation - people on the hill shouldn't see the pimples they still get) and then start the process of whispering like incubi in the ears of Scott Brown with a mixture of pandering and highly technical talk specifically designed to prey on his native stupidity, making him feel both insecure and in control, until he looks up and says:

"Topper, Rusty. Sure you guys, this looks great. Beers on my boat this weekend?"

And this guy's Canadian!

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