It just might be. A British paper is saying the movie franchise is done. Also today: two actors take on a movie together, some good and bad TV news (mostly bad), some directors find work, and some weird music news.

Surprisingly-good-when-they-want-to-be actors Colin Farrell and Eric Bana are said to be in talks to costar in By Virtue Fall, a badly titled indie drama to be directed by the writer of Up in the Air, Sheldon Turner. They'd play guys who become friends and then business partners and then it all sours into betrayal and revenge. So it's basically about Colin Farrell and his career in the mid-2000s. [Deadline]

CBS, home of the world's greatest and funniest television shows, has picked up a sitcom called Mad Love for midseason. It stars Sarah Chalke, Judy Greer, Jason Biggs, and that guy from Sons of Tuscon and Reaper. And no, unfortunately, it is not based on the 1995 sweet romance jam starring Chris O'Donnell and Drew Barrymore, about a crazy girl and the boy who loves her. (That was shortly thereafter remade as Crazy/Beautiful. Remember that?) It's about four friends who live in New York City and ZzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZzzzzzzzzzz.... [THR]

Oh rejoice! Be so happy. ABC Family's groundbreaking, critically acclaimed series Pretty Little Liars, has had its first season order doubled. More than doubled! They've gone from 10 episodes to 22, because it's been such a huge new hit for them. Isn't that great? Don't you love that show with all the girls named Spencer and Aria and the sexy text message intrigue? And hey, good to see Holly Marie Combs and Laura Leighton and Chad Lowe getting work, huh? Yeah, they're on the show! Isn't that so... something? It's just... something. Pretty Little Liars. It's a television show that's on the air, and now there's going to be even more of it. Because lots of people are watching it. Everyone's watching those little liars be pretty. One of them is a lesbian and is making out with my daughter. Tsk tsk. [Variety]

You know what no one is sick of? Glee. No one is sick of everyone talking about that show all the time. It hasn't overstayed its brief welcome at all! It's a perfect show about perfect things and everyone loves it. Isn't everyone so fun and fresh and funky who loves Glee? Glee. Let's talk more about it! There's going to be an Oxygen reality series, all about Glee! It's going to be about the casting process of the show looking for singers for next season. And, OK, sarcasm aside, that actually does sound kind of great. I would watch that show maybe more than I would watch the actual Glee. Glee! The word has lost all meaning. Glee. [NYT]

Uh oh. Doom bells are ringing in Sextown. Grazia, the tab-ish magazine for the Daily Mail, is reporting that all plans for a third Sex and the City movie have been shelved. Blorgs! Can you imagine a world without sex or cities? It's almost too devastating to think about. Now obviously this a wildly unconfirmed rumor, but we're gonna run big with it and make it the headline of this post, and then when the studio is all "Um, no," we'll say "Just kidding!" Because that's how we do. So you heard it here third: There will be no more Sex and the City movies ever, which means that feminism is dead and that women ought to get back to where they belong. Q. Why shouldn't women have drivers licenses? A. Because there are no roads between the kitchen and the bedroom! Wazunga! [DailyMail]

Hey let's talk about movie directors. Spike Lee, who when mad acts spikily, is in talks to direct Nagasaki Deadline, about a harried Japanese reporter who has to spend the day with Michelle Pfeiffer and her kid after they miss a school field trip (look into it) an FBI agent who has to solve "historical clues" in order to stop a terrible terrorist attack. This movie was never made before except for all the movies, like The Da Vinci Code and National Books of Treasured Secrets. [Variety] The directors of Cloudy With a Chance of Poopballs (which is surely what I would have called that movie had it come out when I was kid — or, let's be honest, what I call it now) have been tapped to write and direct a movie version of Legos, the toys. Isn't it interesting that we live in a world like that now, where objects can be turned into movies? "Hey what are you working on?" "Oh, you know, a movie version of vacuum cleaners." "Oh rad, dude." "You?" "Oh, it's so cool, I'm doing a movie version of Poopballs." "Duude... that was already made." "Nerts, man. Fuckin' nerts. Anyway, wanna go to the Dresden?" "Let's do it." [Variety]

This ought to make you music purists thrilled. There is going to be a movie version of the Kinks' 1976 album Schoolboys in Disgrace, directed by Bobcat Goldthwait. I'm just gonna let that sit there for you. [THR]