Today at Gawker.TV, Nikki Blonsky performs a strip-tease on Huge, Caroline Manzo and Kim Zolciak find Daniell Staub's lesbianism "offensive," Warren the Ape kidnaps a classroom to teach them how the "real world" works, and Craig Kilborn returns to television.

Stephen Colbert is Angry With Rolling Stone—Except For The Cover
Stephen Colbert petitions to join Simon and Colbert, lauds the work of Terry Richardson and General Petraeus, and asks Michael Hastings where he got the audacity publish the article that lost McChrystal his job.

Real Housewives Call Danielle Staub's Splashes in the Lady Pond Disgusting, Offensive
Last night on Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asked Real Housewives' Caroline Manzo and Atlanta's Kim Zolciak how they felt about Danielle Staub's "real close" performance with Lori Michaels. Both parties implied it was an offensive ploy for publicity.

Daytime Talk Just Grew a Pair, Craig Kilborn Comes Back Strong
The Kilborn File premiered tonight. It was a fast paced, testosterone filled, half hour of quips, class, and the World Cup's bustiest fans. Watch as Seth MacFarlane bashes Seinfeld's Marriage Ref and the cast of Good Times raids the capital.

Huge Kicks Off With a Plus-Sized Strip Tease
ABC Family's latest offering is Huge, a comedy about a "rough around the edges" teen that's begrudgingly sent away to Fat Camp for the summer. The first two minutes of the show treat us to a strip-tease by Nikki Blonsky.

Warren the Ape Kidnaps School Children and Gives Them a Tour of "Real Life"
For a show that shocks-and-awe's every episode, Warren the Ape truly outdid itself last night. Warren "scares straight" a class of junior high kids by kidnapping them and taking them to a strip club, drug-filled alley, and a dog-fighting ring.